LOT 1 :: SAKB Dark Star (10781771) 

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/OSQQ2APV6sY

DOB:  2/1/2018

SIRE:  AABG 2DOX True Measure (AABG Cadillac *Ennobled* x AABG 2DOX Love Potion *Ennobled*)

DAM: White Oak Farm Starstruck (Newton Farms Smokin Express *Ennobled* x White Oak Farm Sheza Super Star)

We’re bringing the heat with this one folks! We have loved this buck since the day he was born and he is an exceptionally hard one to let go of. We challenge you to find one that encompasses his mass and power, with the same length and extension, while still maintaining so much bone and squareness of build. He’s just so hard to pick any hole in. His dam, White Oak Farm Starstruck (2018 NWSS Overall Grand Champion Fullblood Doe), has already done tremendous things for our program as a donor dam, and we can assure you, this buck will do the same for yours!  ABGA Show Correct.

LOT 2 :: SAKB Express Train (10779996)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/t2p94UY2UUo

DOB: 2/4/2018

SIRE: Newton Farms Smokin Express *Ennobled* (C S B Broken S Smokin Hot Ruger *Ennobled* x 2M Boer Goats Molly *Ennobled*)

DAM: SAKB Precious Gem (AABG NBD Masterpiece *Ennobled* x AABG 2DOX Potion of Luck)

Ken saw Express Train all clipped up and said “Scratch him – I want to keep him”! Fortunately for you, we all said, “Too late, he’s in the sale.”  Take a look at him and you’ll be immediately hit with his presence, chest width and dimension. He has plenty of look and style, but does so while still having that masculine rugged look we like to see in our bucks. Not to mention, as a direct son of Newton Farms Smokin Express *Ennobled*, he is backed with a power packed pedigree that is sure to stamp generations of quality into his offspring!  ABGA Show Correct.

LOT 3 :: Rockin The Miles (10780006)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/r6njWblHR_U

DOB: 2/12/2018

SIRE: AABG NBD Miles (AAABG NBD Blurred Vision *Ennobled* x AABG SC4 Margret)

DAM: EGGS Rockin The Ring (EGGS Rockin Harve *Ennobled* x EGGS Tea Flashy)

Cool pieces galore in this one along with some of our favorite genetics! Where else are you going to find an AABG NBD Blurred Vision *Ennobled* son over an EGGS Rockin Harve *Ennobled* daughter?  Neck extension and elevation, check! Tall and performance driven, check! Still has muscle, width and look, CHECK! Put it all together and we think there are some excellent breeding pieces in this buck. This is one you can easily take out on the show circuit or put to work right away. ABGA Show Correct.

LOT 4 :: SAKB Eldorado (10764300)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/osAmGvFYASQ

DOB: 9/8/2017

SIRE: SAKB Jaguar (AABG NBD I Can’t Drive 55 *Ennobled* x JCKN Lasting Impression)

DAM: AABG Splash of Grenadine (AABG Cadillac *Ennobled* x EGGS A193)

If you are looking for ruggedness and power, you’ll find it in “Eldorado”! This guy is loaded with top shape and a massive hip. We love how his rib cage lays into his skeleton and the chest width he carries. His dam, Splash of Grenadine, is a farm favorite donor and she’s definitely replicated her quality in this one!  ABGA Show Correct.

LOT 5 :: SAKB Money Talks (10795542)  

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/iX6vYL6Eqsk

DOB: 6/4/2018

SIRE: AABG NBD Rocky (AABG NBD Grey Goose *Ennobled* x AABG NBD 20/20 Vision)

DAM: KM97 Tempus One Hot Summer (BA CSF Smokin Hot Orangatang *Ennobled* x KM97 Tempus Family’s Pearl Princess)

We’re bringing you another awesome paint buck in “Money Talks”! This one’s elevation and length is incredible. Yet, he still has all the width and mass and puts it in a beyond cool package. He brings flash and uniqueness to the table, especially for a paint, plus he’s out of one of our most consistent and leading sires, AABG NBD Rocky.  His dam is out of BA CSF Smokin Hot Orangatang *Ennobled* and she has become a lead donor in our program. Money Talks is backed with the quality and pedigree to be something special! ABGA Show Correct.

LOT 6:  SAKB Rocco (10771988)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/en15JR8D0zw

DOB: 12/2/2017

SIRE: AABG NBD Chippendale (AABG NBD Matter of Fact x AABG NBD Golden Goose)

DAM: AABG NBD Aurora (AABG NBD Grey Goose *Ennobled* x AABG NBD 20/20 Vision)

Start with a double shot of Face The Facts and four shots of Absolute – Can you say wether maker?  We have had lots of questions about which buck is the best for producing wethers.  Rocco is a genuine cross-over buck!   He is as complete as they come and has it all:  wide, bold ribbed, big topped, square built, rugged and sound off both ends. You can’t go wrong with Rocco, who brings a lot of pieces together into a very well balanced, high quality buck. ABGA Show Correct.

LOT 6:  SAKB Let’s Play A Game (10795535)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/r6l7tNpZbAQ

DOB: 7/11/2018

SIRE: Bjerke Farms Power Stroke (TST1 Windy Acres Square Power *Ennobled*  x RRD Scarlett *Ennobled*)

DAM: HSJ3 Broken S Jumpin Jackie (SWE Main Event *Ennobled* x HSJ3 Ethel)

Let’s Play A Game is the youngest buck in this sale. Although he may not be as mature as some of the older bucks, he has some intriguing pieces! We love his neck extension and how he ties into his shoulder, how strong and level he is down his top and how square his build is underneath. His sire, Bjerke Farms Power Stroke, is one of the most unique animals we have on our ranch, and Let’s Play A Game is headed in the exact same direction! ABGA Show Correct.